Azimut Hotel

Azimut Hotel 2,

Zalomova St. Nizhnii Novgorod, 603109, Russia

Contact information: Phone: +7 (831) 461 92 42, 430 53 87


The Azimut Hotel of Nizhnii Novgorod is a beautiful hotel situated in a picturesque area of the city. Located on the right bank of the Oka River, guests can view this river and the Strelka, or convergence, of it with the Volga. With easy access to Bolshaya Pokrovskaya and other attractions of the city the location has it all. The Azimut is a modern hotel that can still be prided on its cultural program as it offers tours of the ancient city, its monuments and the amazing scenery. Within the city, this hotel is guaranteed to give guests warm Russian hospitality. Many cathedrals and cultural sites are very near the region and make experiencing the city a true pleasure. You can visit an open-air market, see the Kanavinsky Bridge, and visit both the Annunciation and Nevsky Cathedrals easily. Cultural activities are within reach everywhere in this beautiful city and the Azimut puts guests right in a central location to walk or ride to many sites. If you have an urge to relax and take in the views at the hotel, there is a restaurant, café, and bar located in the hotel. If you are looking for Russian hospitality marked by a high level of service and concern for guests, then the Azimut is the right fit. With over 150 rooms providing all the necessary comforts of tourists or businessmen, including air conditioning, security, wireless internet, wake-up services and comfortable furniture, this hotel is very accommodating. With rooms staring at about 3,000 rubles the price is not at all bad; roughly $100 a night is a steal for the location and accommodations which this hotel can provide.

azimut exterior





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