The Volga Part I

Possibly one of the most beautiful and calming views in Nizhny Novgorod is that from the Volga River. With a newly renovated coastline adorned with beautiful stone fencing, the natural beauty of the area is further enhanced, bringing a tranquil, and artsy aesthetic. The area was recently modified to create an enjoyable experience for those who wish to take a walk along the river.

It is a common fact that early peoples created cities near rivers to reap the benefits of the vast amount of riparian resources. The Volga has long served as an aid to Russia’s civilization, as it has continually supported waterborne industry and  life in the several villages along its coast.


While strolling along the Volga, you may see many beautiful attractions, including sparkling churches, the Hero ship that newlyweds tie ribbons around, and the Strelka, which is the point of confluence between two rivers, in this case, the Oka and Volga. Also located near the embankment are several clubs, shops, and restaurants with large windows allowing for a view of the water as you eat your meal.




If one were to head straight to the Kremlin from this site, they would note the giant staircase constructed by German prisoners of war in WWII and beyond, to Pokrovskaya Street, a pedestrian street with numerous shops and restaurants. To the sides of this staircase is Alexander Gardens with many trees and wildflowers. It is a wonderful place to enjoy an afternoon, but be sure to wear your tennis shoes!




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