Chayka Hotel


Throughout the region’s existence, Russia has valued nature. It is evident on greenery-filled streets, ample parks, and in literature. During my travels in Russia, I have come to understand the importance of communing with nature and the general serenity it implies. When I visited the Chaika Resort, I was very pleased with the way the designers of the hotel managed to balance a sleek, modern building with natural surroundings.

Walking around the Chaika campus, I was able to see the Oka River up close- it was even viewable through the dining room windows.  Scattered throughout the area were also ecological settings that brought a strong sense of relaxation and peace. Private walking trails were everywhere.


Often, baptism takes place here:


Being environmentally and marriage focused, I was extremely happy with the outdoor venues that could serve as reception areas for conferences or more importantly, weddings.

I highly advise visiting the Chaika Resort if you are seeking to find a quiet, enjoyable experience, removed from the outside world and strictly focused on experiencing life in the natural world.



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